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What is Fisto.Net?

This website was created for kicks just to influence my creativity and enthusiasm with technology. It is meant to provide entertainment, information and raise topics of discussion. Some that may not always reflect on everyone who chooses to view this site. Sorry to those who get offended. It's not easy creating a website, let alone deal with offended and disgruntled visitors. Everything you see has been self taught. Parts of this website has been designed from a pre-created template. There may be some omissions, discrepancies, and typos. Without making mistakes, I could never learn. So, have a heart and bare with me while I create more pages and build a bigger and better website. Thank you.

Where did the name "Fisto" come from?

Well, it was a name given to me when I was young. When asked the definition was this:

Fisto <fis'-toe> noun: Shortened abbreviation for the name Christopher said backwards.. fisto-ker or FISTO for short.