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1995 - 7/22/2014

  • Evenger's "Super Premium" Seafood and Caviar is my favorite!!!
    7/22/13 - I am finicky.. Mommy bought me Evanger's Seafood and Caviar Dinner cat food. I gobble that down like there is no tomorrow.. Suddenly I stopped eating it and would turn my nose up at it whenever mommy and daddy would put a bowl down for Me. Daddy paid close attention noticing Mommy got "Super Premium" Seafood and Caviar which I gobbled up, but Mommy ended up buying the regular formula (The cans look exactly the same except for SUPER PREMIUM printed on the label) So now Daddy is on a hunt to find this stuff locally. Apparently it is only available for a limited time..
  • R.I.P. Our Beloved Sanibel
    7/22/14 - God has called me back home today. I have suffered with a series of problems stemming from old age. The last five days of my life were brutal on my aging body. I am now safe with God and my older sister Daytona.