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Tablets and Smartphones are turning peoples brains to mush!

Originally Published July , 2013
by Christopher Spaulding

I will say it again. Tablets and Smartphones are turning your brains into mush! Sure they are a great way to quickly check and respond to email or for an occasional research tool. However, you cannot be as productive as you can with a PC or Laptop... I've tried to use an Ipad to be as productive.. I couldn't. Here is why... Ever try typing out an email on a glass keypad? I made as many mistakes as Jays has potato chips. Error correcting was just not cutting it. And it was time wasted making sure the misspellings were corrected properly. I tried to type out email on a smartphone. Both Iphone and Android.. Again another disaster. Sure, we can get a bluetooth keyboard and tote that around, but then that defeats the whole purpose. The answer to that is to get a laptop! Tables and smart phones will not go away because there are some useful purposes, but neither will the need for desktops and laptops.