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Small Businesses Needs Your Full Support!

Originally Published June 10, 2013
by Christopher Spaulding

   I receive many telephone calls and e-mail from clients I have provided service to in the past. Some clients I haven't serviced in a very long time. Usually, they are calling to ask questions or seek free consultation after they have already been to a competitor. I always give free advise usually closing it with "NO CHARGE! Just send me a referral!". However, the past couple weeks I have gotten more and more questions and few returns in the process. As a small business and just like many other small businesses, this is our livelihood. We have bills to pay, overhead to maintain, and for some (including myself) pay for their own medical insurance, fuel charges, and other business amenities that we need to remain competitive in this industry. Calling a small business for free consultation is like calling the appliance repair guy and asking him to walk you through fixing a refrigerator free of charge. Now we all know that in most cases that would never be, because before I became a computer service company entrepreneur, I was an HVAC appliance repair service tech.  I was informed never to give away free service or consultation even if it was as simple as cleaning the refrigerator condenser which is something that needs to be done on regular intervals [consult your owners manual]. So please! Support your small local business. There are so many benefits to keep small businesses thriving:

  • Developing Personal Relationships Between Customer and Technician

If you call on a corporate enterprise for computer services, you normally start with an automated answering system. Sometimes if you require additional services in the future, you never get the same technician, even if there is a call back because something does not meet your satisfaction. With news reports of  corporate technicians demonstrating unethical conduct such as setting up camera phones in bathrooms, or taking naps while customers are away on errands . There is no trust value the way a small business would strive to maintain. As much as corporations advertise, they have little interest in forming  personal relationships because they have to many customers. That it is not cost effective for them.

  • Small Businesses Are the Backbone of the Economy

Small businesses create two of every three new jobs, produce 39% of the gross national product, and invent more than half the nation's technological innovation.

  • Small Businesses Demonstrate the Essence of Political Freedom

Small businesses are less regulated than large corporations. This gives small businesses the freedom to focus on what is more important to their business -- delighting their customers.

  • Small Businesses Provide Better Customer Care

 The larger a company grows, the harder it becomes to provide good customer service. Just try to find the right person to help you on the phone in a huge corporation, it'll drive you batty. But when you ask for the owner of a small business, chances are you'll be speaking to her or him immediately and in most cases without an automated telephone system.  Small businesses know that their livelihood is based on their customers being satisfied.

  • Small Businesses Encourage the Passion Needed to Succeed

Apathy doesn't breed nearly as well in small businesses as it does in big business. Small business owners and their workers are focused and immensely proud of what they do. Small business owners are passionate about their businesses. How many employees in bureaucratic organizations can say the same? Recently I received an instant message from a friend in a corporate environment unrelated to computer service. Jokingly in his message he stated that in his workplace at a Chicago facility, the corporate office reported their employees having the highest percentage of alcoholism, the highest stress levels, and the highest depression rate out of  every facility across the country. When asked "What is the team planning to change those statistics toward the better?"  He replied "NOTHING!" As the case for Spaulding Technology, I am passionate about my trade. I will always strive to keep up with the continuous changes of technology. I am clean, I don't smoke cigarettes, and above all, I am not an alcoholic. I have been self sufficient since 2006 (including through the recent tough recession of 2009) and in 2012, managed to create an LLC branded computer service.

So, next time you pick up the phone to get free consultation and advise, remember that I don't mind providing the information because we understand without you, there is no Spaulding Technology. However, we kindly ask for a referral now and then to maintain quality service and to provide as much advise we are able to offer.  CALL TODAY!! Spaulding Technology (847)737-4279

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