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Slumping PC Sales Mean Keeping The Old PC Running As Long As Possible

Originally Published July 27, 2013
by Christopher Spaulding

It's been reported by brand names such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Microsoft that recent PC sales have declined as much as 11 percent in the previous quarter. The market's year-over-year performance dropped for the fifth consecutive quarter, extending the longest such streak in history. Which can only mean one thing. Many of you have put off the purchase of new PCs and have decided to keep the current ones running until they die completely. I have noticed how many people switched from desktop and laptops to living life at your fingertips with your face buried in a smartphones. Let's be realistic! Has there been a time where a tablet and smart phone just didn't cut it? Certainly you cannot expect to bang out that college term paper on a tablet or smartphone. Or, as some commercials advertise, may not be able to impress the boss with a keynote or powerpoint presentation on a tiny screen. So that only leads you back to working with a desktop or laptop computer. However, just like an automobile you are putting miles on it every day you sit in the driver's seat and eventually parts are going to fail. I know we all shutter thinking the day will come when you go to use your computer and it doesn't boot up or show the dreaded blue screen. It's not a case of if, but when your computer will fail. Both laptops and desktops have some parts that might be cost effective in replacing. The days of disposing the unbootable computer to make room for a new computer have people in a panic. When they go to the electronics store they see their choices are limited in Windows computers. They only have one thing in stock (well, 2 if you include Macs).. Windows 8. We have all heard the horrors of the new and scary Windows 8 that some people are so worried about. Some are frightened of the idea so much that they forget the whole thing, go home and stuff the broken desktop in a corner to collect dust. It doesn't have to be that way. If the motherboard is OK there is a chance to revive the ole computer. Of course the parts and labor do not come free. However, If you have important documents, pictures, and data on the computer, it may be beneficial and almost imperative to have the computer repaired or upgraded with more memory, or a bigger hard drive. Do you have a computer that needs some form of resuscitation? Call Spaulding Technology at 847-737-4279 to get an analysis of your computer to see whether it is worth it to revive or upgrade.