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Beware of the Newest Virus Called Cryptolocker

Originally Published October 30 2013
by Christopher Spaulding

I know many of you think this is just another spammy virus warning. I beg to differ with you on this one. This is a monster! I will go as far as calling this the "DEVON HESTER" of viruses. If you don't know what I am talking about, you may recall how Devon Hester changed the way the NFL looks at kickoff returns?? Well, this virus changes the game in the I.T. industry. Because this is one of the first of its kind it WILL wake up most of the casual computer users in the way of how they will treat email attachments and hyperlinks in FACEBOOK and Instant messaging when they hear of the horror this produces. It usually comes to their victims as a "fishing" email. After the victim clicks to open the attachment it will immediately go to work encrypting files while its victim is unaware, rendering most of their data useless. It then flashes a payment screen that tells the victim to pay a $300 ransom to get it back. Truth is, there is no guarantee you will ever see your data again, so don't bother paying anything. The kinds of data that is affected include: pictures, documents, photos, videos, some backup locations, some networked locations, and anything that this horrible monster can seek on any drive that contains a drive letter (eg. C:) I usually do not spread virus alert warnings unless they are pretty bad. I also do not ask this but we all need to make friends and family aware of this terrible beast. Please share this information with as many people as you can to remind them about being very careful when opening up email attachments and clicking links. Because frankly if you get this virus, There is nothing anybody (Including Spaulding Technology) can do for you at this time. However it not a bad time to begin learning about "cloud backup services" such as Carbonite or Crashplan. Call Spaulding Technology today to learn more and to get your data backed up before its gone!

LEARN MORE: Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte Explain How Cryptolocker works and it's immediate threat to computer users. Family friendly G rated for your enjoyment!

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 I've said it time and time again, DO NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS! Now that we have a virus like this circulating around, it is very imperative you become extremely vigilant against opening up attachments on emails from anyone, including the people you know.

This audio segment from "The Tech Guy Show" - Leo Laport and Security Expert, Steve Gibson (from explains in this 9 minute audio the dangers of this horrible virus and what you should do to protect yourself from it:

What is Cryptolocker - The Tech Guy Show Episode 1026 - Air date 10/27/13